• Community Health & Social Services Hubs

    Since 2011, IO has partnered with Community Health and Social Services Hubs to help provide access to affordable financing for capital investments.


    Non-profit organizations in Ontario that own or operate, or are planning to own or operate a Community Health and Social Services Hub, may apply for an IO Loan for capital investments. To qualify, the project must include at least one of each of the following two types of organizations:

    • Community Health Organizations, such as:
      • Community health centre
      • Aboriginal health access centre
      • Mental health and substance abuse centre
      • Supportive housing
      • A board of health for a health unit
    • Social Service Organization/Agency funded by:
      • Ministry of Community and Social Services
      • Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
      • Ministry of Child and Youth Services 

    For further information on eligibility requirements please see the program guidelines

    Eligible Projects

    IO loans can be used for investment, construction or renovation of any owned capital asset, including: 

    • Facility expansion, renovation, retrofit or acquisition
    • New construction projects

    Rates and Terms

    IO’s lending rates provide equitable access to affordable financing for all clients. To view today’s lending rates click here. Clients may select repayment terms of 5 to 25 years, to match the life of the capital asset.

    For more Information

    Contact your regional account manager, please click here.