• Natural Gas Grant Program

    The province is helping expand access to natural gas infrastructure to more communities in Ontario through the new $100 million Natural Gas Grant Program (“the Grant program”).  

    The Grant program will help fund the building of new natural gas infrastructure to expand access to more communities and to accelerate projects with economic development potential, including agri-business and rural business projects.  

    The Grant program is part of Moving Ontario Forward, the province’s $31.5 billion plan to invest in public transit, transportation and other priority infrastructure over ten years.

    What types of projects are eligible?

    The Grant program will support natural gas expansion projects in municipalities, First Nations and unincorporated areas. Projects to expand natural gas pipelines as well as liquefied or compressed natural gas infrastructure are eligible. 

    The Grant program will provide funding under two separate application streams:

    Expansion stream:

    • Projects that will help convert primarily residential connections to natural gas. For example, projects that will mainly connect new households.

    Economic Development stream:

    • Projects that will help convert primarily business connections to natural gas and benefit agri-businesses, rural Ontario, First Nations communities or unincorporated areas. For example, projects that will help connect farms, greenhouses, manufacturing facilities, mining operations, etc.

    Who is eligible?

    Applications for the Grant program must be made by the natural gas distributor or supplier.

    In addition, participating municipalities and First Nations must indicate their support for natural gas expansion through a council or band council resolution. For projects located in unincorporated areas, evidence of local support from residents and businesses must be provided. See program guidelines for more details.

    You cannot apply for these grants for your home, farm, rental unit(s) or other property you own, or for the cost of converting heating equipment such as furnaces and baseboard heating.

    The program is designed to help municipalities and First Nations bands partner with natural gas distributors and suppliers to bring natural gas to more communities and broaden access for rural businesses. 

    How do you submit an application?

    Follow these steps to apply:

    1. Read the detailed program guidelines.
    2. Work with municipalities, First Nation communities or unincorporated regions to develop a natural gas expansion proposal.
    3. Submit the completed application and all necessary supporting documentation by email, including municipal and band council resolutions. (Please note that the application form was updated on July 4, 2017. Applications should be completed using the new application form provided under “Program Materials”.)

    Approvals under the Grant program will be conditional on the expansion project receiving all necessary approvals from the Ontario Energy Board.

    When are applications due?

    The July 31st deadline for applications to the Natural Gas Grant Program has now passed.
    For questions, please call 1-844-357-0725 or email NGGP@infrastructureontario.ca

    Contact Information

    Infrastructure Ontario
    Ph: 1-844-357-0725
    Email: NGGP@infrastructureontario.ca