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Heritage ThumbInfrastructure Ontario (IO) manages one of Canada’s largest and most diverse portfolios of heritage properties. Heritage places are not just museums or tourist attractions – they include places where people work and live. From historic court houses to specialized education facilities, IO is committed to preserving Ontario’s provincially significant heritage places by actively promoting their identification, conservation and use. 

IO does this by:

  • Creating and implementing processes that support cultural heritage;
  • Dedicating staff to cultural heritage;
  • Developing a comprehensive knowledge of its portfolio; and
  • Integrating heritage management issues into real estate activities.   

Heritage Management Process & the MOI Public Work Class Environmental Assessment (PW Class EA)  

The Heritage Management Process is the key IO process for identifying and conserving heritage properties in the provincial portfolio. Through the process, IO identifies, communicates and conserves the values of its heritage places. In addition, the PW Class EA ensures that IO considers the potential effects of proposed undertakings on the environment, including cultural heritage.



Heritage Successes