Infrastructure Ontario is committed to an open, fair and competitive procurement process.


IO procures primarily in two ways:

For general procurement questions or for questions regarding pre-qualification, contact:  


Vendor Performance Program

Vendor Performance Program (the “Program”) is an important component of the IO procurement/contract management framework. The purpose of the Program is to monitor performance of vendors within IO’s supply chain in order to ensure the responsible management of IO contracts and enhancement of the value of public sector real estate and services.


The Program establishes a standard methodology for evaluation of vendors’ past performance as a criterion in assessing a vendors’ bid on future IO work. A Vendor's performance is evaluated against the specific requirements of a contract or deliverable after the services and/or products are delivered. The Program sets out clear expectations and benchmarks that encourage vendor responsibility and accountability and a business culture of continuous improvement that benefit both vendors and IO. 

Please find the Vendor Performance Program here. (This file is available in French upon request).