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General Information on Provincially-owned Real Estate
Any disposition of a publicly-owned asset is completed in an open and competitive manner to ensure fairness and the best value for taxpayers.


Although many properties may appear vacant and/or saleable, this is not necessarily the case.  Some properties may currently be in-use or have been identified for future use for the delivery of government programs and services or for continued natural greenspace.  As a result, the property will not be listed for sale. Infrastructure Ontario (IO) is continually reviewing the provincial portfolio to consider the rationalization or sale of unused or underutilized assets to generate revenue and obtain savings for the Province.


The Sales Process: 


Government to Government

Any property within the provincial portfolio that is no longer required for the delivery of government programs and services or greenspace is first circulated to other levels of government for consideration.  Generally, IO will circulate the property to other provincial ministries/agencies, municipalities and the federal government in order to determine if there is a continued government need.  If any of these levels of government express interest in the property for continued government use, IO will proceed to sell the property to the interested government party. This is called a Direct Sale.


Government to Not-for-Profit
As of April 1, 2013, eligible not-for-profit organizations are included in the circulation of surplus government real estate for a purpose that would benefit communities. To gain access to the circulation, non-for-profit organizations must apply to the Ontario Nonprofit Network which is responsible for compiling a registry of not-for-profit organizations that meet established eligibility criteria. Eligible not-for-profit corporations that demonstrate financial and organizational capacity may submit an offer to purchase surplus government property at market value prior to the property being place on the open market for sale. Refer to the Ontario Nonprofit Network website for further information.  


Government to Public

Occasionally, properties no longer required in the provincial portfolio are non-viable parcels of land that are land-locked, or otherwise no longer of use for the delivery of government programs and services.  In these cases, the abutting property owners may be interested in these specific parcels and this would also be considered a Direct Sale.


Open Market Sales

If a property is no longer required by the Province and no other government bodies express an interest in acquiring it through the circulation process, the property may be marketed to the public. This is called an Open Market Sale.  Prior to an Open Market Sale, IO would conduct its normal due diligence on the property and prepare that property for sale through a real estate broker at market value.


IO’s due diligence requirements generally include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Market Value Appraisal
  • Title Opinions
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Archeological Reports
  • IO Class EA Process
  • Survey
  • Planning Reports
  • Heritage Studies – Land & Building
  • Duty to Consult with First Nations
  • Order in Council

The final step prior to sale is the Government of Ontario Cabinet approval to officially declare the site surplus to the government and available for disposition.  This approval is known as the Order In Council (OIC).  Subsequent to OIC approval, the public would then have the opportunity to purchase the property through an open, fair and transparent sales process. 


Properties listed for sale are listed on IO’s website.  Properties are generally marketed for 30 days prior to accepting any offers.  You can contact the property’s Broker directly or the IO Sales Manager for information on the property you may have an interest. 


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