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Managing Hydro Corridor Lands

lands-hydroOn June 27, 2002, the Ontario government passed the Reliable Energy and Consumer Protection Act.


The Act, among other things, transferred ownership of approximately 50,000 acres of transmission corridor lands previously owned by Hydro One to the Ontario government. This transfer ensures that these transmission corridor lands continue to be available for uses that benefit the public, such as infrastructure, transportation and recreation.


The first priority for corridor lands is the safe, reliable transmission of electricity but the government believes the lands can benefit the people of Ontario in other ways. Hydro transmission lands make great spaces for parks and trails, farming and road crossings as well as water and sewer pipelines – and these secondary uses do not interfere with the transmission of electricity. The Ontario government has a plan to make sure corridor lands continue to be put to the best use possible.


Provincial Secondary Land Use Program 

While the primary purpose of hydro corridors is for transmitting electricity, the government allows access to transmission corridor lands for secondary uses, including parks and trails, road crossings, water and sewer pipelines and parking lots for transit and commercial facilities, through the Provincial Secondary Land Use Program (PSLUP). The PSLUP is administered jointly by the Infrastructure Ontario and Hydro One and operates on the basis of a series of Public Use Principles, which give priority to public uses over private ones.


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