Seaton is a proposed new urban development on 3,100 acres of land in the City of Pickering. Upon completion, Seaton will be a mixed use, sustainable community which will be a workplace for 35,000 and home to 70,000 people.


Infrastructure Ontario (IO) owns 1,575 acres of developable land and is diligently working to achieve development objectives identified by the Central Pickering Development Plan. IO has submitted Neighbourhood Plans, for the Province’s residential and employment land holdings, to the City of Pickering for processing and approval. IO is proceeding with the preparation and submission of a subdivision plan for 200 acres of employment land which is the first phase of employment land development.


IO, in association with both the Region of Durham and private landowners in Seaton, will be actively involved in the process of installing the regional services, including water and sanitary services and the construction of regional roads required to service all of developable lands within Seaton.


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