Procurement Coordinator

Position Title:

Procurement Coordinator


Transaction Structuring




Manager, Procurement

Position Purpose

• Maintain procurement data and lead the development of procurement reporting on bidders, contract spend, and other Procurement metrics and analytics. • Support contract management processes. • Provide Procurement department operational support.

Key Function and Responsibilities

1. Maintain procurement data and lead the development of procurement reporting on bidders, contract spend, and other procurement metrics and analytics.

  • Work with the Realty Analytics and Client Integration team to develop structured analysis and reports, utilizing multiple data sources and systems, to enhance departmental oversight and visibilit
  • Identify opportunities to meet business unit client needs and operational & organizational objectives
  • Make recommendations to procurement management team based on the findings from reports and analytics
  • Maintain and publish monthly & quarterly procurement reports, statistics and metrics within the Enterprise Content Management System
  • Ensure robustness, integrity and security of procurement data by ensuring rigor in data entry and security protocols.
  • Manage and maintain the “Bidder Database” and capture all relevant procurement data on Major Projects
    • Collect and input data through Procurement Status Reports, Steering Committee slide decks, Staging Plans and other reports and databases as required.
  • Develop and maintain a procurement Conflict of Interest (COI) database 
  • Liaise with IT and other business units in the design, development and ongoing maintenance of the databases and reporting tools that drive key business decisions in the procurement department.
  • Coordinate ad hoc data integrity cleanup projects as required.


2. Support the on-going administration of new and existing e-procurement tools

  • Ensure efficient day to day operations of the systems by monitoring systems. 
  • Manage and monitor user setup and licensing.
  • Support training initiatives for stakeholders and users.



3. Provide Procurement Department operational support

  • Research creative ways to solve procurement process problems, reduce procurement process time lines and streamline workflow for efficiency.
  • Maintain a template library of procurement documents and identify priorities; follow up with procurement staff to ensure completion and consistency of documents.
    • Ensure team members have been trained in the use of, and have access to, procurement records, e-procurement tools and data capturing tools.
  • Manage Procurement Department material and presence on Infrastructure Ontario website and iOpener website by working with Communications to ensure up to date information is always available to clients, vendors and team members.
  • Assist in developing and implementing enhancements and improvements to current procurement approaches, methods, and tools.


4.    Coordinate and administer IO's procurement closing processes for second stage procurements

  • Support closing process for procurements as required
    • Open proposal submissions and conduct a review of all proposals to ensure compliance with mandatory submission requirements and completeness of proposals.
    • Escalate to Procurement lead any non-compliance issues found within the proposal submissions.
    • Ensure the distribution of the appropriate parts of the proposals to evaluators, ensure that appropriate security provisions are in place and followed by each of the evaluators and manage all other logistics, including the delivery of submissions to evaluators.
  • Coordinate and monitor second stage procurement processes under Vendors of Record and Standing Offer Agreements
  • Ensure appropriate tracking of second stage procurements by monitoring business unit client tracking
  • Develop user guides and ensure up to date user guides are available



5. Contract administration

  • Coordinate execution of contract documents and keep record within Enterprise Content Management System.
  • Develop an executive summary of the procurement results and lead in the oversight and process compliance of requisition and contract amendment approvals.
  • Prepare in-scope contract changes and coordinate recommendations with internal client for formal contract amendment through the Contract Amendment Approval Request (CAAR) process.
  • Maintain fulsome procurement files in accordance with IO's records management policies.
  • Develop debriefing materials in accordance with IO procurement debriefing guidelines and conduct debriefing meeting with vendors as required.
  • Track contract expiry dates and inform management in a timely manner


Education and Knowledge

  • College degree or equivalent in business administration (and related disciplines such as procurement, supply chain management, contract management)
  • Knowledge of procurement, database management, budgeting/financial processing, e-procurement.
  • National (e.g. SCMA) or international accreditation/certification in supply chain/procurement/supply chain management or project management (PMP) is an asset.


  • Over  two (2) years of experience as a procurement professional, or equivalent relevant professional experience, such as contract management is required.

Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, with internal and external stakeholders/suppliers at all organizational levels
  • Project Management and organizational skills to handle multiple tasks while maintaining attention to detail and accuracy and working under tight time deadlines
  • Ability to collaborate with cross functional teams and team members.
  • Ability to evaluate, prioritize and problem solve a variety of tasks to ensure their timely and accurate completion.
  • Excellent organization skills with superior attention to detail to successfully manage multiple projects at different phases to meet strict deadlines.
  • Excellent ability to understand business issues quickly, exercise good judgment in providing timely and practical procurement advice, work effectively at all levels of the organization, and clearly communicate complex procurement issues in a way that can be understood by business units and other stakeholders.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, highly pressured environment with changing priorities.
  • Excellent negotiation and relationship-building skills.
  • Demonstrated willingness to learn, inquire and share knowledge in a team environment.