Leasing Services Manager

Position Title:

Leasing Services Manager


Real Estate


Realty Services


VP, Leasing & Valuation Services

Position Purpose

To provide professional expertise and management of the delivery of leasing transactions services to client ministries and agencies within an end-to-end accommodation process directly and through the management of an outsourced transaction management service provider. Ensure the integrity, quality and consistency of transaction management services and validate that all leasing activities adhere to Provincial policies, procedures and guidelines demonstrating transparency and value for money. Manage the performance of industry leading service providers. Leverage public and private sector business relationships to maximize value, achieve competitive financial terms and avoid contingent liabilities throughout the transaction management process.

Key Function and Responsibilities

1. Provide expert advice and manage leasing transactions and activities.

  • Assist in the identification of client needs, review customer requirements and provide recommendations to the service provider(s) in strategic development for delivery of transactions for all leasing activities.
  • Keep current with activities for a province-wide lease portfolio
  • In collaboration with VP, Leasing & Valuation Services, manage the performance of external service provider(s) on leasing transactions and projects. Oversee Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against contractual obligations and deliverables and propose improvement to the service level, as required, including potential amendment(s) to the contract(s).
  • Conduct ongoing contract management activities to include quality assurance audits, validation of procurement transparency and consistent use of industry best practices.
  • Provide technical expertise and guidance to clients, internal and external stakeholders on all leases. Represent Infrastructure Ontario (IO) to internal and external clients and interested parties on issues related to the process and activities of leasing.
  • Provide advice on space acquisition, vacancy management, sub-leasing surplus space, market surveys and availability of leased facilities.
  • Initiate and prioritize third party lease assignments. Direct and coordinate service providers conducting lease buyouts, sub-leasing, scheduling and services, within established budgets and terms of agreements.
  • Provide guidance to service provider(s) and solicitors to ensure the completion of lease projects and documents.
  • Review and analyze technical data and qualitative information to make recommendations on lease execution.  Optimize lease agreements allowing for growth requirements, duration of programs, and anticipated operational and financial changes. Supervise and review leasing negotiations conducted by service provider(s) and mediate issues, disputes or problems that may arise between a client and landlord.
  • Conduct value for money assessment and industry research, perform process and documents audits, and analyze technical data and resource information to recommend options and action plans for future leasing requirements.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of Infrastructure Ontario's leasing policy, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Build and maintain business relationships with Clients, Landlords, the Brokerage Community, service providers and other industry partners.
  • Shares knowledge of leasing  processes with other IO business units



2. Provide lease and contract administration, reporting, and maintenance support

  • Establish performance standards, monitor performance and provide performance feedback to external legal counsel, service providers, and consultants. Recommend the termination of contracts as a result of poor performance.
  • Ensure that internal legal counsel, external legal counsel, service provider(s) and consultants comply with government and Infrastructure Ontario's policies and guidelines as well as industry standards.
  • Review leasing documents to clarify information on leases and make recommendations to senior management on specific contract issues. Work with internal and external legal counsel to provide input and amend agreements.
  • Establish, maintain and track a reporting process with internal legal counsel, external legal counsel, service provider(s) and consultants. Report on the status of assignments.
  • Prepare audit and KPI reports for the leasing services provided by external parties.
  • Prepare briefing notes, various lease documents, issues analysis, and new releases.
  • Track and process internal financial obligations related to the leasing administration on all leases.
  • Track and input data on lease revisions and transactions.
  • Conduct analysis on all transaction to identify and quantify contingent liabilities as required under Section 28 of the Financial Administration Act and submit for approvals for the same             
  • Respond to ad hoc reporting inquiries from the Ministry of Infrastructure.



3. Conduct financial and business analysis, on a project basis

  • Conduct financial and business analysis on leasing proposals to ensure that lease agreements are reasonable with respect to established factors, such as net present values, comparable cost, and leasehold improvement costs and inducements to ensure value for money and industry leading transactions are achieved
  • Conduct business analyses to ensure leases are consistent with the client program requirements.
  • Analyze data and prepare reports on status occupancy and vacancy.
  • Make recommendations to bind the province for leased accommodations to the appropriate delegations of authority.



4. Other duties as may be assigned


Education and Knowledge

  • Post Secondary degree or diploma in Business, Real Estate, or equivalent.
  • Proven knowledge of lease management principles and practices, legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as financial analysis and real estate appraisal.
  • Knowledge of facility and property management, including building codes, Health and Safety Act, and the Environmental Act
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of requirement analysis and program development , business planning, and project management


  • Over 7 years of hands-on experience in leasing, including development of lease requirements and transaction documents, and lease administration.
  • Experience analyzing technical, legal, and financial information to prepare reports and draft recommendations.
  • Experience in working in an outsourced business environment and managing the performance of external service providers.
  • Ability to review numerous legal documents and to provide recommendations for amendments and  template improvements

Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Advanced organizational and project management skills to coordinate project implementation.
  • Excellent analytical and research skills with a clear understanding of business practices; comfort dealing with technical and financial data.
  • Solid negotiation, mediation, and influencing skills to resolve issues with consultants and clients. Ability to find positive solutions to complex issues and problems with a variety of stakeholders.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to work effectively within diverse teams of specialists.
  • Client-focused attitude and advanced interpersonal skills to establish and maintain relationships with clients.
  • Outstanding computer skills, including MS Office Suite and database software
  • Self-starter who is able to manage multiple priorities and to work in complex ever changing environment of an evolving organization.