Cost Consultant

Position Title:

Cost Consultant


Major Projects


Project Management and Budget Office


AFP Budget Development Manager

Position Purpose

This position will leverage a quantity survey background in order to develop and support approvals of construction budgets before going to the capital markets for AFP projects. To validate work completed by external service providers based on infrastructure market rates and to ensure that costing and data is substantiated and captured appropriately, including conducting any necessary trend analysis.

Key Function and Responsibilities

1. Help lead the implementation of the AFP Budget and Cost Management framework for the AFP program for assigned client group

  • Support the Budget and Cost Management framework for AFP portfolio through analyzing service provider costing, trend analysis, assessing, monitoring and tracking budget and cost performance for each project within the portfolio.
  • Conduct research and analyze information and trends in the IO portfolio of projects to contribute to decision making and planning at the AFP program level; identify emerging issues with the AFP Program and contribute to program level planning processes and implementation of best practices.
  • Collaborate with various business units across the organization to ensure alignment between corporate approach and the Project Delivery framework as it relates to budget development and cost management.
  • Provide accurate and insightful analysis in response to inquiries from Project Delivery teams and in support of decision-making by IO senior executives, the AFP Steering Committee, and Construction Committee.
  • Review budget and cost projections at all phases of the project lifecycle against base-line benchmarks and flag inconsistencies; follow up with Project Delivery teams for explanations.
  • Assist delivery teams or AFP Budget Development Manager in preparing  various briefing material such as tender release decks for Steering Committee as well as monthly reports to track “on time and on budget” mandate.
  • Support the AFP Budget Development Manager in developing recommendations and manage changes to budget and cost management systems for social and civil projects based on auditor general and other audit specific recommendations.


2. Support budget development for the portfolio of assigned and potential AFP projects

  • Assist with budget development for the assigned portfolio of AFP projects and ensure consistency across the division and ensure that correct costing, based on the most recent and proper benchmarks, is used by the teams.
  • Analyze bid submissions on IO projects to identify key cost drivers in order to support development of more accurate project budgets. 
  • Work with Project Delivery teams to monitor and manage any budget related developments as necessary throughout the Transaction Phase.
  • Analyze bid submissions data and extract relevant information to support the update of Cabinet budget information when the Financial Close milestone is achieved.
  • Coordinate Online Collaborative Project Management (OCPM System) development for Project Delivery needs
  • Monitor and notify teams, AFP Budget Development Manager and Vice President of variances in reports to ensure accuracy of the cost data used by Project Delivery teams and other project stakeholders.
  • Liaise with internal and external experts and project stakeholders to source accurate and reliable data and to ensure accuracy of information used by different teams.


3. Play an active role in large-scale research and data management initiatives related to the AFP program.

  • Provide input into the development of the Project Delivery historical database to provide further support to capital planning, AFP policy development and executive decision making.
  • Review analyzed data in order to ensure it accurately informs decisions around strategic initiatives; validate benchmarks for project development initiatives and for budget development of the assigned projects.
  • Conduct research into construction market and comparator organizations to collect and analyze data, identify key trends and examine impacts on current and future AFP projects.  Communicate construction market trends and other key budget drivers to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Review domestic and international market reports and studies to remain current on industry trends, cost assumptions for various types of infrastructure in a variety of Ontario markets.
  • Review past Request for Proposal (RFP) submissions to establish historical costs data and assist the development of a framework for base-line project costs against which AFP project budgets will be validated.
  • Maintain records of the benchmarks for all cost items, making data readily available for AFP teams.  Inform key stakeholders about proposed/approved changes to benchmarks
  • Monitor the effectiveness of current data collection and dissemination procedures and make recommendations for improvement; perform ad hoc checks of data in the system to insure data integrity.


4. Support the project reporting function and liaise with ministries in capital planning and budget matters

  • Provide support in the integration of data and reporting for the AFP program between internal stakeholders, Project Delivery teams, Reporting Ministry and client ministries.
  • Develop and maintain positive and effective relationships with the Reporting Ministry's capital planning and financial departments and client ministries to ensure collaboration and adequate information exchange regarding budgets and cost management.
  • Provide support and present in order to education of the Project Delivery teams, applicable IO business units, Reporting Ministry, TBS, and client ministries on the process and their role in budget development, monitoring and reporting to ensure their cooperation and best result for the organization.
  • Liaise with different business units within IO on audit, track record, information management and research efforts related to AFP to validate information used corporate reporting.
  • Support the development of systems, processes and reporting templates for business and capital plans, including capital asset strategy throughout the project phases. 


5. Perform other duties as assigned.


Education and Knowledge

  • Post-secondary degree in business, engineering, architecture, construction project management, quantity surveying or related field with project management training or equivalent knowledge.
  • Professional Quantify Surveyor certification, or Associate Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.
  • Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative analysis methodologies and tools.
  • Knowledge of research methodologies and tools pertaining to cost planning and cost estimation.
  • Knowledge of effective project budget development and cost management principles and methodologies.
  • Knowledge of databases- structure, data mining, data relationships, data integrity, reporting, etc.


  • Minimum 3 years  of experience working on construction, real property or infrastructure projects, including experience in project controls function (e.g. developing project budgets and/or project cost estimates).
  • Preference to 1+ years' post-PQS or MIRCS certification experience, with a primary focus on quantity surveying.
  • Development and/or construction project management experience is an asset
  • Experience in various finance and capital planning/budgeting models and project accounting/job cost software.
  • Some experience conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis of complex comprehensive data/information, including financial analysis to support decision-making and issue resolution.
  • Experience working in multi-disciplinary environment with complex information channels.
  • Experience in working executive level staff through the budget development process
  • Experience in managing and providing guidance to junior employees and/or to project teams comprised of a cross-section of staff

Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Excellent analytical skills to research, synthesize, and analyze complex data and other information.
  • Strong ability to work independently, with an equal capability to integrate data and reporting with the budget and project delivery teams.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and ability to collect data from multiple sources, including financial and legal documents, data bases and other sources.
  • Business acumen with a proven ability to relate data collection and analysis to business operations.
  • Solid communication skills (verbal and written), and the ability to present complex concepts in a clear, cogent and legible manner.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a proven ability to build positive relationships and deal effectively with external and internal stakeholders.
  • Customer/client focused attitude, collaborative style, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment of an evolving organization.
  • Excellent Excel skills and ability to learn new software applications quickly.
  • Ability to manage individuals and project teams