Workplace Solutions Change Manager

Position Title:

Workplace Change Manager


Real Estate


Office Real Estate Portfolio


Vice President, Office Portfolio Strategy

Position Purpose

To provide Workplace Change Management leadership to Client Ministries in support of government objectives to reduce the size of its realty space footprint. Develop workplace solutions to support the ongoing evolution towards agile and flexible work environments suited to the changing accommodation requirements of government ministry programs and provide Change Management processes focused on these work environments. To work directly with client ministries, IO business units, interior design/architectural consultants and project management service providers to explain impacts and options to implement Workplace Environment Guidelines, Accommodation Space Policy and Footprint Reduction initiative in support of reducing the portfolio and creating more modern efficient work space for client ministries. To be an integral part of informing and reporting on workplace solutions and benchmarking to IO/MOI stakeholders sharing case studies and best practices with client ministries and external customers

Key Function and Responsibilities

1. Provide workplace solutions and change engagement processes to client ministries, designers and project management service providers

  • Work with Client Advisory Teams to develop engagement programs with client ministries (Directors, staff and ministry programs) to explain the Workplace Environment Guidelines (WEG), Accommodation Space Policy and explain options, impacts and solutions in support of reducing space and creating more modern, efficient workspace all while meeting ministry program requirements;
  • Meet with designers and project management service providers (PMSP's) during the initiation, planning and design phases of ministry realty projects to influence the application and compliance of the WEG and Accommodation Space Policy;
  • Assist client ministries with Change management processes that are consistent across the province;
  • Partner with workplace change management consultants for large projects if required to ensure ministry compliance of WEG and Accommodation Space Policy.
  • Assist Client Advisory teams, consultants, and client ministries with incorporating WEG design principles into existing and new program specific accommodation space standards


2. Lead Client Ministry engagement from pre-design consultation through to occupancy on ministry realty projects

  • Ensure consistent ministry employee engagement and deliverables to all ministries;
  • Support procurement requirements for supplemental consulting and other services related to change management
  • Lead the communication plan for employee engagement with the ministries as it applies to the workspace, WEG and Accommodation Space Policy for large projects (ie. Director and staff engagement, newsletters, presentations to staff, Directors, Sr. Mgmt tours, etc.);
  • Lead the pre and post occupancy Workplace Satisfaction and Change Management Readiness Surveys for ministries and evaluate and communicate what the responses mean back to the Ministries;
  • Escalate issues and develop solutions to VP, Office Real Estate in regards to ministries challenging WEG and the Space Policy;


3. Develop and present case studies and lessons learned on Footprint Reduction Implementation projects which have applied the WEG and Space Policy

  • Enhance existing case studies and create web application to easily update and share with client ministries;
  • Develop new case studies with Client Advisory and Portfolio Strategy teams including lessons learned on projects which have applied the WEG and Space Policy;
  • Present case studies and lessons learned on projects internally within IO and to Ministry of Infrastructure;
  • Keep Client Advisory and Portfolio Strategy updated on new case study development;
  • Utilize case studies and lessons learned in the development of Ministry specific presentations as directed by VP Client Program Delivery.


4. Develop, enhance and maintain change management tools

  • Develop workplace engagement tools for ministries to support the various WEG work settings;
  • Develop workplace change mitigation strategies;
  • Provide metrics and reporting on effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Develop Change Management Framework that Client Advisory and client ministries can use for projects;


5. Remain current on public sector and private sector workplace trends

  • Establish and maintain linkages with the real estate industry to keep up to date on issues and trends concerning public/private sector workplace changes;
  • Share public/private sector best practices with Client Advisory and client ministries;


6. Other duties as assigned from time to time as required by management.


Education and Knowledge

  • Post-secondary degree or diploma in workplace, Interior design and/or related field ARIDO/IDC membership preferred.
  • Knowledge and understanding of workplace change, change management and organizational behavior
  • Change Management certification or designation desired (Prosci or equivalent)
  • Knowledge of Design applications i.e. AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop etc. to produce workplace solutions
  • In-depth knowledge of the Ontario Building Code and AODA requirements as they relate to the built environment.


  • 5-7 years' experience in Interior Design or related field
  • 1-3 years' experience in influencing and implementing workplace solutions and Change Management

Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Ability to shift mindsets, behaviors, and achieve results through communication, examples and presentations
  • Excellent planning, influencing and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent presentation and facilitation skills at all levels
  • Ability to explain complex issues and processes
  • Ability to speak and write with clarity, and possess strong political acuity
  • Strong ability to motivate people to undertake and embrace change
  • Ability to review consultant drawings to ensure appropriate application of AODA principles and compliance with the OBC. Make recommendations on space layouts to maximize use of space and champion accessibility.
  • Proficient in MS Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Project