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Ministry of Infrastructure

About Ontario Connects:

The Government of Ontario has committed nearly $4 billion to connect every region in Ontario to reliable, high-speed internet by the end of 2025. This is the largest single investment in high-speed internet, in any province, by any government in Canadian history.

This investment will help ensure that every household and business, in every community, has access to the digital world. The Ontario government continues to move forward on  existing initiatives to help connect communities, while working closely with its partners. On April 12, 2021,  the Ontario Legislature passed the Supporting Broadband and Infrastructure Expansion Act, 2021 to help speed up construction of high-speed internet projects.

To connect the remaining underserved and unserved communities across the province, Infrastructure Ontario is leading a new, innovative procurement process starting in Summer 2021. This transparent and competitive process will enable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to bid for provincial subsidies through a series of reverse auction events for defined geographic areas, and based upon requirements for high-speed internet infrastructure deployment.

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Project Status:

  • Request for Qualifications Issued: September 9, 2021
  • Request for Proposals Issued: November 30, 2021 

Infrastructure Ontario Services:

  • Support the government’s plan to connect every region in Ontario to reliable, high-speed internet by the end of 2025
  • Build consensus among the market on the viability of the strategy
  • Develop and lead the transparent and competitive procurement process to implement an innovative high-speed internet funding model, involving reverse auctions, with the winning bids from ISPs meeting the defined coverage and deployment requirements at the most reasonable price