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    We believe that our success is the product of the diverse ideas, experiences, and personalities that our employees bring to IO. Learn more about some of our employees, their roles, and the career paths that led them to IO.

    Sap Chakraborty, Project Manager, Public Works, Project Delivery

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    How did you get your start at IO? Prior to starting my journey at IO almost a year ago, I managed an interesting and diverse portfolio of capital and ministry funded projects located across Ontario with a project management service provider. Over time, I had terrific and memorable conversations with members of the IO team and those profound interactions left an indelible mark that made me aspire to be a part of IO.

    How long have you worked at IO? Coming close to one year.

    What does your job entail? No two days are the same in this fast paced and high energy domain of managing hospital redevelopment P3 projects. The goal is to align, strategize and advise in a collaborative environment while being fair and reasonable with all of our partners in every interaction to collectively help them cross the finish line to total construction completion.

    What do you like most about your role? I’m a big believer in building goodwill through gradual and committed action. It’s a pleasure to be part of a culture where the team communication dynamic promotes good ideas through continuous improvement along with supportive colleagues. Additionally, at the end of the day knowing we worked as one united team and did an honest day’s work helping bring the vision of, state-of-the-art hospital space for public use to fruition.

    What sets IO apart from other organizations? At IO, the successful transformation of Ontario’s public sector assets to serve all Ontarians with best in class infrastructure, starts with an engaged, empowered, inclusive and community orientated team.

    What is your career background? My professional experience spreads across different industries, ranging from megaprojects with one of the largest oil and gas companies in Canada, to projects for provincial infrastructure, telecom and nuclear industry. I completed both Mechanical engineering and MBA from University of Toronto (Rotman).