Provincial Courthouse E-Books

For over a decade, Infrastructure Ontario and the Ministry of the Attorney General have partnered to build five courthouses across the province.

Each provincial courthouse project is carefully researched and superbly captured in an illustrated photo-documentary e-book. These e-books, four in total, are available only on IO's website, and present tidbits of fascinating history and heritage, as well as the special environmental and cultural considerations that are implemented in the design and construction processes. Each book includes testimonials from the people who work in the courthouses-including public counter staff, police, judges, lawyers, and law librarians-as well as local politicians and historians. The e-books faithfully preserve the rich history of these public buildings and offer a unique window into each project.

Published by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Each book is also available in Accessible Format, please email:

An e-book documenting the history, design and construction of Elgin County Courthouse, Quinte Courthouse, Thunder Bay Courthouse, Waterloo Region Courthouse can be found here.