• Surplus Properties Sales Program Overview

    The long-term planning of the government’s portfolio centres around preserving Ontario’s valued real estate, seeking opportunities to use it in the best and most effective ways, and supporting the government’s commitment to footprint reduction by enhancing and selling surplus assets.

    We deliver best in class sales and acquisition transaction management across the government’s real estate portfolio.

    Some of the advisory and transactional services managed by IO include the following:

    • Structured sale of surplus government properties throughout Ontario
    • Corridor transactions (hydro lands) 
    • Analysis and investigation of candidate properties for future acquisition and disposition 
    • Strategic real estate analysis and advice to ministries and broader public sector clients. 
    • Land acquisition for core government uses and service delivery
    • Tactical planning and delivery of confidential and sensitive real estate initiatives

    IO provides information related to property sale, lease/licence, or easements through the following: 

    • Realty Circulation (property sales to the public and non-profit sectors)
    • Properties For Sale
    • Leasing Government Lands or Buildings
    • Public Works (Sales & Easements) 
    • Hydro Corridor / Secondary Land Use Program
    • Filming Requests

    To learn more read, disposition (sales) process.