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Purpose and Values

Our Vision

A world class agency - creating a connected, modern, and competitive Ontario.

IO exists to create value out of – or “modernize” – the public assets of the province. Everything we do is grounded in the idea that if we work with partners in both the public and private sectors, we can create value for taxpayers in ways that others can’t. This is our Vision and what keeps us excited about a career at IO.

Our Mission

  • Develop Commercial Solutions
  • Manage Assets
  • Execute Transactions

We bring solutions to the table for government, identifying opportunities to work in partnership with the private sector. We are known for our execution. We bring a seamless “one-stop shop” perspective to turning government decisions into actions, through a range of contracting/commercial models. We take an enterprise-wide view to effectively provide leadership on assets and programs over their full lifecycle.

Our Values

  • Continuously earn the public’s trust
  • Be sharp, skillful and solutions-oriented
  • Champion equity, diversity, inclusion and innovation
  • Attract and retain talented people 

Earning the public trust is a value that we need to infuse in everything we do. Ultimately, it means delivering on what we promise. Being sharp, skillful and solutions-focused anything we do as an organization comes with a commitment that we will do it better than anyone else could. Being a champion of equity, inclusion, diversity and innovation are the cornerstone of commitments that we make to our people, our relationships and our work. And finally, our value as an organization is entirely the product of our talent and committed team at IO.

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We will intentionally prioritize equity of access, experience, and outcomes for our IO employees and with our partners, to promote a sense of belonging that represents and reflects the needs of the communities we serve.