In September of 2019, the Minister of Infrastructure announced a commitment to increase the frequency of P3 Market Updates from annually to four times a year. The June 2021 Market Update affirms Ontario’s historic commitment to modernizing the province’s public assets, including hospitals, highways, public transit, children’s treatment centres, courthouses and correctional facilities.

IO’s second Market Update for 2021 includes 38 projects pre-procurement or active procurement, with 26 projects in pre-procurement and 12 in active procurement with a value estimated above $60 billion in contract value. The list also includes 14 additional government-announced projects in early stages of planning.

For each project we seek out optimal structures around delivery models, procurement and packaging strategies and market capacity constraints based on the specific risk profile. We will continue to engage with market participants and our partners as we find the right solution for each project.

Click below for details on the June 2021 Market Update.

Market Update – June 2021