In September of 2019, the Minister of Infrastructure announced a commitment to increase the frequency of P3 Market Updates from annually to four times a year. This additional measure of transparency recognized the value of IO’s Updates in enabling industry to plan the best possible bids to deliver important public assets. These Updates are a challenge and invitation to the best in the industry – big and small, local and international – to team up, partner with IO and successfully deliver high quality investments that benefit the people of Ontario.

Our P3 Market Update – December 2020 primarily reaffirms the projects detailed in the September 2020 Update, including some added detail to some projects’ procurement schedules. This Market Update includes 40 projects—16 civil and 24 social—in procurement or pre-procurement, valued at over $60 billion.

A notable addition to the December 2020 Update is a new category of Rapid Procurement and Delivery. IO is working with ministries and other broader public sector partners to help deliver vital infrastructure – smarter, better and faster than traditional methods. 

IO worked with the Ministry of Long-Term Care during the past summer to successfully procure the rapid delivery of four new Long-Term Care facilities using a Modified Construction Management model.

This December Update outlines IO’s current rapid procurement and delivery projects in the justice sector.

P3 Market Update – December 2020