Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) have issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a team to deliver a new digital records system as part of the Modernization of Property Information Program. Once launched, the new system will help to improve response times for Freedom of Information (FOI) requests pertaining to soil, water and contamination on properties across Ontario. 

The prequalification phase of the RFP is the first step in this procurement process, which will enable a short-list of qualified proponents to help build maintain and operate the program on behalf of the ministry.

IO, MECP and a third-party fairness monitor will oversee the two-stage RFP process, which includes:

  • Stage 1 RFP: teams must demonstrate their experience, and technical and financial qualifications in delivering projects of similar scope, scale and complexity. IO and MECP will evaluate the Stage 1 RFP submissions and prequalify successful teams.
  • Stage 2 RFP: prequalified teams will receive the bid documents and an invitation to attend commercially confidential meetings, to further refine – and then submit – their solution proposals, comprising technical, financial and other elements.

The RFP process is expected to close by the end of December 2023, after which IO and MECP will evaluate the Stage 2 RFP submissions and select amongst the prequalified teams to deliver the program.

Interested companies must register with to download the RFP and participate in the first stage of the RFP process.

In March 2022, MECP launched the first phase of its Environmental Property Information portal, whereby applicants are notified within five business days if property records currently exist. To manually search for and provide copies of relevant records to requestors, a FOI request can require an additional five to ten weeks. The MPI program will digitize millions of property records to streamline the FOI process and enable faster, more efficient service. 

For more information, visit IO's Modernization of Property Information page

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