New Brampton Facility Supports Government's Plan for Safer, Stronger Communities

TORONTO - Today is the last day for pre-qualified teams to submit bids to build and finance the new Brampton youth justice facility, an innovative new complex designed to meet the unique needs of youth in conflict with the law.

The complex will replace the Toronto Youth Assessment Centre and the Invictus Youth Centre for young offenders. The 192-bed facility will allow detained youth to move from facilities that are currently shared with adults, and will provide them with rehabilitation, education and vocational services, housing and counselling.

“Through ReNew Ontario, the government's $30-billion plus infrastructure investment plan, we are renewing and modernizing infrastructure,” said David Caplan, Minister of Public Infrastructure Renewal. “This plan ensures value for taxpayer dollars as we build strong, prosperous communities.”

General contractors were short-listed through a request for qualifications (RFQ) that identified companies with the construction, operational and financial capacity required to undertake a project of this size and complexity.

The bids will be evaluated over the next few months and a successful bidder is expected to be named in January 2007. Construction is scheduled to begin shortly after. 

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services will manage this project with Infrastructure Ontario, a Crown Corporation dedicated to the renewal of the province's hospitals, courthouses, and other essential public assets. Ensuring appropriate public control and ownership, Infrastructure Ontario uses the alternative financing and procurement model to rebuild vital infrastructure, on time and on budget. 

All infrastructure projects are guided by the principles in the government's Building a Better Tomorrow Framework, to ensure that the public interest comes first and that ownership of public assets such as hospitals, schools and water and wastewater infrastructure is maintained.  

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Amy Tang
Minister's Office 
Public Infrastructure Renewal

Mandy Downes 
Infrastructure Ontario 
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Anne Machowski-Smith 
Ministry of Children and Youth Services