The Windsor-Essex Parkway will provide a boost to the local and regional economies by directly and indirectly supporting the creation of jobs over the lifespan of the project. Infrastructure Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation have selected The Windsor Essex Mobility Group as the preferred bidder for contract negotiations.  The Windsor Essex Mobility Group is the highest ranking bidder, receiving the highest scores in all categories, including for technical, partnering approach, and cost.  The project cost will be finalized and publicized in January 2011.

The Windsor Essex Mobility Group is committed to partnering with local businesses during construction of the Parkway, which is reflected in its proposal.  The Windsor Essex Mobility Group plans to have agreements in place with: 

  • local educational institutions to encourage collaboration for training and programs 
  • local unions to provide opportunities for members during construction
  • First Nations to create business opportunities
  • local sub contractors and suppliers for services and materials 

Over the next several weeks, partnership details will be negotiated as part of the contract agreement with The Windsor Essex Mobility Group, and once finalized, they will be legally bound and obligated to their commitments.  

The Windsor Essex Mobility Group also aims to:

  • set up a project office in the community and recruit workers from the region. The majority of workers on site during construction are expected to come from the Windsor-Essex area. There will be additional economic spin-off activities that will benefit the entire region. 
  • invite suitable companies to submit proposals to provide supplies and equipment; in fact, the Windsor Essex Mobility Group already has agreements in place with several local companies to provide services for the project. 
  • spend hundreds of millions of dollars on local labour and local supplies and materials over the lifespan of the project. 

The Parkway will create and sustain many jobs for skilled and experienced construction trades workers such as: operating engineers, labourers, carpenters, electricians, landscapers, equipment operators, and truck drivers.  There will be business opportunities for local haulage companies and suppliers (i.e. cement, piping, etc), as well.

Construction of the full Windsor-Essex Parkway will begin in mid-2011.  The preferred bidder targets completion of the Parkway by the end of 2014. The construction schedule for the Parkway will be confirmed at financial close in the New Year.

Other infrastructure projects

Other Provincially-funded projects already are contributing to the Windsor-Essex economy and creating/sustaining thousands of jobs in the region:

  • In December 2009, Facca Construction Inc. of Essex began initial construction of two bridges and a noise barrier - components of The Windsor-Essex Parkway. The contract is $15.5 million. 
  • The Windsor Regional Hospital redevelopment project has been underway since June 2009.  Bondfield Construction was awarded the $91.6 million contract.  Approximately 125 workers are on site. The majority of workers come from the region.
  • Construction of the Southwest Detention Centre will begin in 2011, bringing with it more opportunities to the region. 
  • Ontario and Canada continue to move forward on the $300 million Let's Get Windsor-Essex Moving strategy. Ontario's share is approximately $150 million. Through this strategy, projects totalling $220 million are completed or currently underway.