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Electronic Service of Liens & Related Documents

  1. Liens and related documents that may be submitted electronically to IO
  2. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and the recent amendment to O. Reg 73/20 which lifts the suspension of the time period to deliver a claim for lien or to take the required steps in a proceeding under the Construction Act (the “Act”), the following documents may be submitted electronically to Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation (“IO”):

    • Claims for lien;
    • Requests under section 39 of the Act;
    • Statements of Defence; Cross-claims and Counter-claims.
  3. Documents that should not be submitted electronically to IO
  4. Please note that Statements of Claim (and similar originating documents) and Written Notices of Lien cannot be submitted electronically on IO, in accordance with Rule 16.01(1) of the Rules of Civil Procedure and section 87(1.1) of the Act, respectively.

  5. Where can documents be submitted?
  6. Documents referenced at #1 above may be submitted to the following email-address:

  7. What should the e-mail include?
  8. E-mails sent to IO must include the sender’s:

    • Name;
    • Address;
    • Telephone number; and
    • E-mail address.

    Please note - e-mails should be less than 10MB. This restriction is due to mailbox sizes. If your file is more than 10MB, please provide details in the e-mail.

    Please use “delivery receipts” and “read receipts” if your email system includes these features.  These tools can be helpful in ensuring that the e-mail is successfully delivered.