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Real Estate – Outsourced Service Provider Program

IO is responsible for all real property assets of the Government of Ontario owned by the Ministry of Infrastructure (the General Real Estate Portfolio).

Amongst our responsibilities for management of the General Real Estate Portfolio is the delivery of capital improvements and the ongoing maintenance and management of the Province’s lands and buildings. The delivery of capital improvements less than $10 million in value and the maintenance and land management services for the portfolio is procured through the following two outsourced service provider programs.

Project Management Service Provider (PMSP) Program

Capital improvements and project management services valued between $100,000 and $10 million are delivered through Project Management Service Providers (PMSPs). The PMSPs manage and contract for construction and project services throughout the province based on a geographic zone distribution of assignments. Our current service providers are BGIS and Colliers Project Leaders Inc.

Each PMSP provides management services for capital repair and ministry-funded projects by procuring, managing and overseeing hundreds of small and medium size Ontario businesses on behalf of IO and pursuant to our Vendor of Record arrangements. In turn, we manage the performance of the PMSPs pursuant to master services agreements, which include key performance indicator measurements. A copy (PDF) of the master services agreement can be found here.

IO is in the process of re-procuring its PMSP program. For more information visit IO’s PMSP re-procurement web page.

Property & Land Management Service Provider (PLMSP) Program

Property and land management services together with small works improvement projects valued at less than $100,000 are delivered through a single Property and Land Management Service Provider (PLMSP) for the entire Province. Our current service provider is CBRE Limited / Global Workplace Solutions.

Unlike that of the PMSP program where the service provider makes use of our Vendor of Record arrangements, the PLMSP manages its own competitively-procured vendor of record arrangements and standing offer agreements in the delivery of its services. 

For general procurement questions or for questions regarding the procurement process for the Outsourced Real Estate Service Provider Program, please visit our Contact Us webpage.