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Vendors of Record

A Vendor of Record (VOR) is a vendor that has been screened for basic qualifications and is eligible to perform work or provide services on projects across Infrastructure Ontario’s (IO) real estate portfolio. Having a VOR arrangement in place ensures that IO can complete projects efficiently and effectively in a fair, open and transparent manner. IO manages various Vendor or Record (VOR) arrangements for services delivered to all of our business lines.

In 2023, following open and competitive processes, IO awarded new Master Service Agreements for Real Property Services (RPS) to BGIS Canada and Project Management Services Provider (PMSP) to Colliers Project Leaders to deliver the following:

RPS involves a wide range of services, including:

  • day-to-day property management
  • small works delivery under $50k
  • asset renewal works (low and medium complexity projects typically under $1 million)
  • capital planning, smart building technology, occupancy planning, energy and environmental management, strategic sourcing and vendor management as well as lease administration.

PMSP involves managing a variety of capital repair and ministry-funded projects with a capital value of up to $20 million. The contract will include:

  • program management
  • project delivery
  • corporate support
  • provision of technical services

Under their respective Master Service Agreements, both BGIS Canada and Colliers Project Leaders will be establishing and managing VORs in accordance with IO policies. Existing IO VORs lists for general contracting services, engineering and technical services, and architectural and interior design services have been extended through 2024, while BGIS Canada and Colliers Project Leaders establish new VORs.

For information related to upcoming opportunities suppliers should monitor MERX.