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Real Estate – Vendors of Record

IO manages various Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangements for services delivered to all of our business lines. Among these VOR arrangements, we have established and continue to manage Vendors of Record that are frequently accessed by the Project Management Service Providers (PMSP) to support their projects and periodically by our Direct Delivery Project Services group for their projects. These include VOR arrangements for general contracting services, engineering and technical services, as well as architectural and interior design services.

Prequalification for a Vendor of Record involves an open market first-stage procurement that assesses qualifications and capabilities. Qualified vendors are then eligible to bid, on a randomized invitational basis, to provide services through a second-stage bid call. The bid call applies evaluation criteria that can be tailored to the specific assignment, ensuring best value for money to the province. Administration of the randomized invitational mechanism and bidding process is currently maintained through  Biddingo.

For general procurement questions or for questions regarding the procurement process for Vendors of Record, please visit our Contact Us webpage.