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Creating a connected, modern, and competitive Ontario

At Infrastructure Ontario (IO), we foster partnerships to build, finance and enhance the value of Ontario’s vital public assets.

  • We execute hundreds of local, regional and provincial infrastructure projects throughout Ontario each year.
  • We manage, preserve and maintain a portfolio of thousands of provincial assets in a strategic way that optimizes the value of that portfolio.
  • We develop commercial solutions for government that protect the public interest and maximize the value of provincial investments.

IO and its partners make a difference in communities across Ontario: building new hospitals, highways and transit lines, modernizing provincial real estate, financing municipal infrastructure investments like bridges, housing, and recreation centres.

We maximize the benefits of provincial investment by using market-tested project delivery principles that meet or exceed industry performance standards. We invite the best in industry – local, national and international companies, both large and small – to partner with us in the delivery of high quality projects.

Our skilled and knowledgeable staff creates success through its unique blend of public and private sector expertise, innovation and diligence.

We deliver value to the province through our main business lines: Real Estate Services, Infrastructure Lending, Major Projects, Commercial Projects, and Development.