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Exhibition – Transit-Oriented Community

City of Toronto
Project Type:
Infrastructure Type:
Transit-Oriented Community
Ministry of Infrastructure

About the Project

Infrastructure Ontario (IO), with the Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) is leading the Transit-Oriented Communities Program as it relates to the “New Subway Transit Plan for the GTA,” part of the government’s smart, forward-thinking plan to build new, sustainable transit. The Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC) approach provides real opportunity to build vibrant, higher density, mixed-use communities that are connected to transit stations.

IO, on behalf of the Province, is currently working with the City of Toronto on the future plans to build transit and a TOC at the future Exhibition Station.

The Exhibition Station site consists of two sites, all of which have been designated for TOC use.  The sites will be developed by the Province in line with the stated objectives of the TOC program.

The future growth potential for the Exhibition Station site is dependent on a planned transit station that will serve the surrounding neighbourhood. Exhibition Station would operate as a transit hub, connecting to local bus, GO Transit and subway service along the Ontario Line making it more convenient to get to this popular destination and growing community. The proposed sites at the future Exhibition Station would deliver a mix of new housing, office and retail space.

Community input is a key component of TOC and took place in Fall 2021, following the City’s Planning review.

Latest News

Project Status:

  • Development Concept Submitted to City of Toronto: May 27, 2021
  • Community Engagement (Open House 1): October 4, 2021
  • Community Engagement (Open House 2): November 30, 2021

Economic Impact:

The TOC program will stimulate the economy through major projects for years to come. It is anticipated that the Exhibition station development would support approximately 2,300 jobs.

Learn more about the government’s plan for Transit-oriented communities.