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Project Management

Our people are experts at managing the delivery of small projects and large works. Project management teams are organized to oversee consultants, contractor budgets, schedules and reporting.  They manage the execution of ministry funded and capital projects that deliver the Ontario government’s needs for infrastructure investment, maintenance and renewal across the portfolio.

We partner with private sector service providers to efficiently deliver projects. To maximize our relationships with them, we have organized the projects we manage into three groups: 

  • Small Works (less than $100,000) 
    • Delivered through our Property and Land Management Service Provider (PLMSP) program
  • Medium Realty Projects ($100,000 to $10 million) 
    • Delivered through our Project Management Service Provider (PMSP) program
  • Large Realty Projects (greater than $10 million) 
    • Delivered through our Direct Delivery program

For other government project information, please visit our Major Projects and Commercial Projects sections.

For procurement-related information, please visit our Procurement section. For questions regarding our procurement process, please contact: