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Hydro Corridor / Provincial Secondary Land Use Program

The Provincial Secondary Land Use Program (PSLUP) is administered jointly by IO and Hydro One and operates on the basis of a series of public use principles, which give priority to public uses over private ones

The hierarchy of secondary uses is as follows:

  • New linear public uses have top priority;
  • New provincial/inter-regional linear public uses have priority over local uses;
  • New non-linear public infrastructure uses have priority over private uses;
  • Non-linear public recreational uses have priority over private uses;
  • Multi-use corridors are preferred. 

Public bodies or private land owners can apply to use hydro corridor lands for a secondary use through the PSLUP. Hydro One is responsible for completing a technical review of the proposal and, if Hydro One gives its technical clearance, IO is responsible for executing the appropriate agreement to facilitate the proposed secondary use (e.g., easement/licence). 

To inquire or apply, you must contact Hydro One at or visit Hydro One’s website for details. A Hydro One Real Estate Coordinator will be assigned to your file and will collect the necessary information from you. A detailed flow chart of the application and approval process can be found here.