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Leasing Government Lands or Buildings

If you are interested in leasing available space in an IO managed property we encourage you to download the Infrastructure Ontario Building/Land Lease Request Form below which describes the requirements and process for application. Once you have read the document and filled out the form please return via email to IO Property Services (CBRE) at  

Download the Infrastructure Ontario Building/Land Lease Request Form

Please be advised that our process will require you to agree to a number of conditions that include the following:

  • The payment of market rent
  • The execution of IO’s Form of License/Lease Agreement un-amended
  • Further reference/credit checks
  • Insurance, indemnification and environmental provisions un-amended as further detailed in the License/Lease Form of Agreement
  • Confirmation that you have validated that the property that you are inquiring about is owned by the Ministry of Infrastructure

When the completed application form is received, we will evaluate the application in consultation with our service provider, CBRE. A determination will be made regarding the lease application and the applicant will be informed of the decision.