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Environmental Compliance / Government Property Class Environmental Assessment

Infrastructure Ontario (IO) provides clear and concise environmental compliance oversight and support as part of the ongoing management of our portfolio of properties.

Environmental assessment is a planning and decision-making process that we follow for projects that will be undertaken on Government property. This process, described in the Government Property Class Environmental Assessment (PDF), sets out how the Ministry of Infrastructure or other proponent proposes to meet requirements of Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act.

Any provincial ministry or agency of the provincial Crown that has the authority to control Government property may proceed with undertakings in accordance with this Class EA. Control exists where a ministry or agency has authority to acquire land, buildings or structures or manage or dispose of Government property. Additional proponents may also be authorized by the Lieutenant Governor in Council pursuant to section 15.2 of the EAA. As required by this process, we take into account the potential effects of these projects on the environment and when required, consult a variety of stakeholders to identify and resolve issues of concern before making an informed decision about when and if these projects may proceed.

An environmental assessment report may be required for a project that follows this planning process. The report describes the project, summarizes the findings of the planning process and stakeholder consultation, and explains plans to mitigate and/or monitor potential impacts on the environment.

  • Class Environmental Assessment Reports for projects are available for public review and comment within a specified period.
  • Notices of Exemption for Projects Screened to be Exempt are available for public viewing.
  • A Backgrounder provides an overview of the planning process in the Government Property Class Environmental Assessment.

The previous MOI Public Work Class EA and relevant documents can be found here: MOI PW Class EA Process