Work Will Prepare Site for Construction of New Hospital  

Bridgepoint Health has begun the site preparation work necessary to move forward on its capital project to build a new hospital for people living with complex chronic disease and disability.  

“This site preparation work brings us closer to the day when we'll improve hospital infrastructure in Riverdale,” said Minister of Public Infrastructure Renewal David Caplan. “The hospital is one of many projects in the McGuinty government's five-year $30-billion plus public infrastructure renewal plan to modernize infrastructure and ensure value for taxpayer dollars as we build strong, prosperous communities.”  

The work will include: the demolition of the Hannah and Hastings buildings; relocation of a Hydro line; and renovations to the historic Governor's House, Gatekeeper's House, 430 Broadview Ave. and 14 St. Matthews Road. 

“Upgrading and modernizing our hospitals is essential to our government's goal of increasing patient access to a stronger health care system to keep Ontarians healthy.” said Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman.  

The capital project calls for the building of a new complex continuing care and rehabilitation hospital expressly designed for patients affected by diseases and disabilities such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, acquired brain injury, stroke, cancer, end-stage kidney disease, and other complex illnesses.  It will also provide improved rehabilitation capacity following procedures like hip and knee surgeries and other treatments required by an aging population. 

Once complete, the new hospital will allow Bridgepoint Health to enhance service to people living with complex chronic disease and disability.  The new Bridgepoint Health facilities will be designed specifically to serve this population. 

“The commencement of these initial project components brings us one step closer to creating Canada's leading centre for the treatment of people living with complex chronic disease and disability in Toronto,” said Marian Walsh, President and CEO, Bridgepoint Health. “The new facilities will also enable Bridgepoint to fulfill our teaching goals in partnership with University of Toronto and attract and retain the best health professionals to help us change the world for people living with complex chronic disease and disability.”  

The Bridgepoint Health replacement hospital project, scheduled to begin construction in 2009, will involve construction of a new complex continuing care and rehab hospital. 

Infrastructure Ontario will work with Bridgepoint Health to build the new hospital, which will remain publicly owned, publicly controlled and publicly accountable.  Infrastructure Ontario is a Crown corporation dedicated to managing some of the province's larger and more complex infrastructure renewal projects -- ensuring they are built on time and on budget.  

This project is guided by principles outlined in the Province's Building a Better Tomorrow framework, which ensures public ownership of core assets such as hospitals, schools, and water and wastewater facilities.   The Bridgepoint Health project is one of many infrastructure projects being upgraded and modernized under ReNew Ontario, the government's five-year, $30-billion plus public infrastructure investment plan.   

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