• Filming Request Process

    In order for requests by Film Makers (hereafter called the “Licensee”) to be considered by IO and support the objectives noted above, it is required that the requests be made in writing and include the following:

    • Complete the Filming Location Request Form where you will have to:
      • Identify the location being requested from the list of available locations.  
      • Identify the legal entity making the request with full contact information.
      • Indicate the duration that the licensed premises will be required by stating the start and end date. 
      • Identify set up, filming and wrap dates. 
      • Indicate if the site involves filming outside or inside the facility as the rates differ in these instances. 
    • Further requirements the Licensee will have to comply with are:
      • Acknowledgement and agreement that a damage deposit in the amount of $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 will be required depending on the site being requested and the type of activity taking place during the filming. 
      • Acknowledgement and agreement that proof of insurance will be required at the time the License Agreement is executed by the Licensee and must reflect all requirements as outlined in the License Agreement. Any amendment to the subject insurance provision will result in an inability on the part of Infrastructure Ontario to proceed.
      • Acknowledgement and agreement that the Licensee is required to provide a certified cheque for the associated License Fee and it is to be provided at the time that the License Agreement is executed by the Licensee .

    License Fee

    • Daily License Fees are provided per location and will be reviewed once annually. 
    • Set up and wrap days will be charged at a rate of 50% of the applicable rate. 
    • Additional Services are available and payable directly by the Licensee to Service Provider 

    *15 business days is the required timeframe to process film request applications.