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Delivering Value

Infrastructure Ontario plays a key role in procuring and delivering infrastructure projects on behalf of the Province. We’re working closely with our public and private sector partners to deliver benefits such as more frequent transit services, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities closer to home, better access to justice and expanded highways. We deliver thousands of projects of various sizes, using different delivery models, including a made-in-Ontario form of public-private partnership (P3). 

IO is continually evolving and improving our approach to procurements. We solicit feedback from the industry and are trying to find ways of collaborating to identify risks and incentives, ultimately working to determine best balance of risk for private and public sectors. This means finding the right contract form for the right job.

*Prior to 2020, Infrastructure Ontario published Value for Money (VFM) reports for P3 projects, comparing total project costs for P3 vs traditional delivery methods. Going forward, each project profile on IO’s website will include the rationale for that project’s delivery model selection, including the benefits of the selected approach. VFM reports for projects prior to 2020 remain available on IO’s website.