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Energy & Sustainability

In partnership with our private sector service providers, we apply industry best practices in order to provide healthy, safe and productive workplaces and natural environments in all the properties that we manage for the province.

Our teams ensure the Ontario government’s broader commitments are also supported by developing, recommending and implementing real estate programs and initiatives, including sustainability, energy management, greening and environmental, accessibility, emergency management and security, as well as cultural and heritage management.  We continually monitor and assess conditions to ensure consistent compliance, innovation and improvement in these areas. 

We provide our project-related services with sound, practical advice that helps guide our internal and external clients through entire project development cycle. We also provide added value to our project delivery by identifying potential issues and creating solutions early in the process to avoid costly delays and expenses. 

Through proactive energy management programs and investments in facility infrastructure, we have taken significant steps in reducing electricity consumption in the buildings we manage in order to reduce our environmental footprint.