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Filming locations – FAQs 

Who do I contact to inquire about using one of your facilities as a film location? 
If you are interested in a building or piece of land as a film location, please complete and sign the Film Location Request Form , and email it to You will be contacted within two business days of the submission of the above noted information to discuss your request.

How much lead time should I allow, in advance of the date I hope to begin filming, for the requested building or land? 
You should plan for at least 15 business days in advance of the requested use date for the building or land, as this is the minimum time frame required to allow for the completion of the necessary paperwork and to receive approval to film at the desired location.

Is there a cost for using Government of Ontario properties for filming?
Yes, a fee will be required for use of the building or land. The fee will be approved by Infrastructure Ontario and will be provided as part of the licensing process. Please see Filming Sites & Fees page  for more details.

What type of documentation will I have to review and/or complete to obtain approval to use a building or land?
All users of space in provincially-owned building or land must complete a licence agreement with Infrastructure Ontario. Additionally, all users must obtain insurance coverage for the intended use and provide confirmation of that insurance to Infrastructure Ontario as part of the licence process by providing a Certificate of Insurance in accordance to section 5.8 of the Licence agreement.

If I have used a building or land as a filming location previously and wish to use that same location again, must I enter into a new agreement each time I have a new filming request for building or land?
Yes, each individual instance of a request for use of a building or land requires the completion of the licence agreement process, including insurance coverage and a licence fee. In the case of episodic television series, a master agreement will be drafted for the season indicating the possible number of shooting dates and licence fees for each occurrence. Each individual shoot date shall be subject to prior approval.

Are there any restrictions as to the purposes for which I can use the building or land?
Yes. In addition to the basic requirement that all activities carried out at provincially-owned buildings or land must be lawful, there is also consideration given to the needs of users in the building or land being leased, as well as building or land nearby, to ensure minimum disruption. For instance, all requests for filming in and around courthouses requires approval of the judiciary.  All proposed uses will be reviewed, and a determination made by Infrastructure Ontario as part of the licensing process.